This summer I am participating in a program called DukeEngage in Tucson, AZ – an 8-week civic engagement experience focused on immigration.  Located just 60 miles from the U.S. border with Mexico and impacted some of the strongest anti-immigration legislation, Tucson serves as the perfect platform to learn about such a politically charged subject.  During this experience, I will participate in a week-long delegation led by the staff at Borderlinks, an organization focused on educating others about current border and immigration issues.  During this time, I will meet with all different organizations and individuals impacted by the issue, ranging from Border Patrol to undocumented students to humanitarian organizations.  For six weeks I will then work at a non-profit organization called Scholarships A-Z, which provides assistance to students who are applying for college, regardless of their immigration status.  After my internship, I will participate in a second delegation/wrap-up with the Borderlinks staff.  For three of the program, I will be staying with a “promotora” and their family.  The “promotora” is someone who is actively involved in the organization Coalición de Derechos Humanos (“Coalition of Human Rights”), which helps to educate undocumented immigrants on their rights.  For the other 5 weeks I will live in the Borderlinks dorms with the 8 other DukeEngage participants.  I created this blog in an effort to reflect and come to terms with the both exciting and overwhelming experiences I will have over the next 8 weeks.  The current immigration system is broken, and my hope for the summer is that I will discover my personal relationship to the issue and be able to educate others about my experience.

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